For bookings please go to the game day on our facebook page or call Simon on 07519 930949

The Game Site is now Closed for the Winter and will re-open Early Spring

We will be holding a number of away days in our closed season, details for which will be posted on our website page.

Annual Membership: £40 


First game day

Reduced Walk On Fee for following Game Days

Rifleworks T-Shirt

Free Hire Gun if yours Packs in on the Day (subject to availability)

5% Discount Code for

Per day walk on: 

Members £15

Non Members £25

Non Member Walk On & hire: £45

Hire Includes:

Full face protection

Gun & magazine, a choice of AEG M4 or AK, or a Bolt action Sniper 

3000 Bio BB's

Hire Only

AEG M4 or AK £20 (includes 1 x High Capacity Magazine)

Spare High Capacity Magazine £2

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle £15 (includes 1 x Magazine)

Spare Magazine £2


Biodegradable BB's

5000 x 0.2g BB's: £12.00

4000 x 0.25g BB's: £12.00

3000 x 0.28g BB's: £12.00

Green Gas: £10

Pyro: Available to over 18's. Smoke grenades only allowed

Smoke £2.20

5 for £10

For Airsoft Supplies, Sights and Accessories please see our online store

Site Rules:

Insurance Indemnity form must be completed before play commences.

Minimum Player Age 12 years

12 years to 15 years

Must be accompanied by an adult (Adult does not have to play but must remain on site)

Full face mask must be worn at all times in the game zone

16 years to 17 years

Full face mask must be worn at all times in the game zone

18 years plus

We assume you can make your own decisions regarding full face protection but Eye protection must be worn at all times

This Site operates a "Site Safe" or "Site Live" Rule

"Site Safe" No loaded weapons (checked by Marshals) whole site is Safe (no eye protection required)

"Site Live" Whole site is live, eye protection must be worn at all times until "Site Safe" announced by Marshals

Do NOT Shoot at the Wildlife or Farm Animals

All players MUST be present and pay attention to the Safety Brief


Only to be used by players 18 and over

Any Pyro purchased off site must be given the OK by a Marshal before being used

Smoke Grenades Only Permited 

Marshal's decision in all matters is FINAL

Biodegradable BB's Only 

Available to purchase on site

FPS Limits:

All guns will be chronographed using .20g BB's prior to play and tagged, any guns over the limits will not be allowed in play. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guns meet the site limits.

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG's) 350fps

Gas Blow Back Rifles (GBBR's) 350fps

Semi Only AEG/GBBR DMR's 450fps

Bolt Action Snipers 500fps

Pistols 350fps

Observe The three basic rules of safe gun handling.

Always point the muzzle in a safe direction; never point a gun at anyone or anything you don't want to shoot.

Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

Keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.